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The History of the Laupheimer Hof - an approved cultural monument

laupheimer hof geschichte

The hop-growing is closely connected to the history of the previous fire station in the 19th century. After the Napoleonic wars, the young Württemberg King Wilhelm I, forced the hop cultivation to help the impoverished farmers to live a better life. The city of Laupheim also joined this concept.

One of the consequences was that the beer consumption rose in the Württemberg wine country from 1828 to 1845 from 45 liters to 108 liters per person. In 1877 Laupheim had the highest density of taverns in the Kingdom. The rising consumption of beer increased the need for hops, which reached its peak in 1884. In this year a house to dry the hops was built  - just the later fire station.

As soon as the house to dry the hops was built, the hops blessing ran dry. The hop was offered for export to the United States, which together, with the overproduction in Germany led to a huge fall in prices on the world market for hops. In 1918 the hop-growing in Laupheim was abandoned completely.
The pharmacists of Laupheim rented the empty rooms in order to dry chamomile in great quantities.

  • 1919 apartments were built
  • 1984 the building was converted into a hotels
  • 1996 Thomas Roessler takes over the Laupheimer Hof as leaseholder
  • 2003 Reconstruction to the Feng-Shui restaurant „CONTRAST“
  • 2004 Thomas Roessler buys the hotel-restaurants „Laupheimer Hof“


Our Logo and what it means

In Chinese, the circle symbolizes the sky and the square the earth.
If both are drawn together, this is the whole universe.

In this logo heaven and earth switch constantly.
This endless change means eternity and truth.

It presents the whole, the universe that can harmonize only by contrasts.
This harmony of opposites is felt in the restaurant CONTRAST

logo laupheim

"Always improve your knowledge, always discover new things, always play and use your phantasy."

Report: Christine Lassen

His life shows it clearly - the desire for change, his passion for cooking, his curiosity for new things and the joy of discovery on experiments are as important as the air he is breathing.

Surely he could have stayed in the Lake Constance region after his training as a chef. But that was never an alternative for him
He went to Switzerland, Sweden, the USA and finally to Hong Kong. A fateful decision, because here he met the great love of his life, Wai Chee, and they now have two beautiful daughters. Now the success came in double, because both of them were not afraid of apparent contrasts. In 1995, the life in the mega city Hong Kong has been exchanged for the tranquility of the small Swabian town of Laupheim.

They took over the Laupheimer Hof, an approved cultural monument which was built in 1884. The hotel has 32 rooms. The restaurant "CONTRAST" is designed according to Feng Shui guidelines to connect the East and West, and form a harmonious unit. The cuisine is Euro-Asian: fresh, creative, a feast for the senses, but of course there are also classic dishes of Swabian cuisine. 

Milestones of Thomas Rössler

  • 1977 | Apprenticeship as chef at the  Schloß Kirchberg, Immenstadt. Lake Constance
  • 1983 | Demis Chef Tournant, Steigenberger, Gstaad, Schweiz
  • 1987 | Chef Tournant, Grand Hotel Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1988 | School of hotel management in Heidelberg, degree as state-approved gastronome and chef
  • 1989 | Sous Chef, at The Boston Vista Waltham, USA, luxury hotel with 350 rooms and delicacy restaurant
    – Education of 36 chefs
    – Organization of various kitchen
  • 1991 | Executive Sous Chef, Hotel Furama Kempinski, Hongkong, luxury hotel with 500 rooms
    – Arrangement creation of new menus
    – Execution of education seminars for young chefs
    – here he also met his future wife Wai Chee
  • 1994 | chef at The Park Lane Hotel, Hongkong, luxury hotel with 815 rooms
    – Responsible for 93 chefs
  • 1996 | Coming back to Germany,
    – Taking over the Laupheimer Hof as leaseholder
  • 2003 | Reconstruction to the Feng-Shui Restaurant „CONTRAST“
  • 2004 | Buying the Hotel-Restaurants Laupheimer Hof
Restaurant Contrast